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For over 20 years, the CASH COUPONBOOK of SWFL has been delivered to many households in Southwest Florida saving the consumer cash each month from the areas local businesses. Advertisers can reach these households for less than 5¢ per home!  Starting on the last Tuesday of each month, the CASH COUPONBOOK of SWFL arrives in the mailbox. Call us today to get you started and we hope to be of service!


Avelino Mendoza owner of Cash Couponbook



Avelino "Al" Mendoza is the president of Advertising Solutions, Inc. whom owns the CASH COUPONBOOK of SWFL in Charlotte, Lee  and parts of Sarasota Counties. Al has over 20 years of advertising experience in the Southwest Florida area, with backgrounds in electronic media and direct mail. Al cares about your business and he will recommend effective advertising campaigns. Local business helping local businesses grow.